Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OK, Coffee Lovers!


Real quick, I made the chicken salad braid last night for dinner with a side of carrots and from the time my husband looked at it until it was all gone, seemed to be all of 1 minute! I hope your family likes this dish as much as we do!

I have a friend, in CA, that sells coffee online! Here is the link.... http://www.freshroastedbeans.com/

I have not tried this coffee yet, but, I do plan to soon. I am about ready to buy more and when I am, I will order from this site!

Please let me know if you get to try it before I do!


Deanna :-)

1 comment:

grandmaamy said...

Thanks Deanna,
With your great desserts and our good coffee, what a delicious combination....mmmm...mmmm good!!
Now if I can just figure out which dessert for which coffee :>
Such a dilema!
God's blessings to you and yours at all times.

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