Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Christmas Book Reviews!

I read every day. I read my Bible and I read Christian, Christmas Romance books!

I have 3 books I am going to give a brief review on.

1st, Simply Christmas, written by Dowd, Luttrell & Lynxwiler. This book contains 4 stories about 4 women who are searching for the true meaning of Christmas. The 1st story is my favorite. Its about a woman who tries to simplify her life at Christmastime. It reminded me a bit of myself, only I enjoy celebrating the Holidays the way that I do! I also enjoyed the last story as well. It is about a family that goes on the road for Christmas. It shares how we should walk in God's love!

2nd, Forever Christmas, written by Christine Lynxwiler. This is about a town called, Jingle Bells, Arkansas. A town that celebrated Christmas all year. This drama also contains a bit of a suspence line as well. It kept me looking forward to reading each night!

3rd, On Strike For Christmas, written by Sheila Roberts. This is not a Christian book. The story line is great. Its about woman friends who go on strike for Christmas and it is up to their husbands to pull it all together. It does contain some curse words, that really are not necessary. I never did understand why people thought that cursing in books, movies & TV shows made the stories better. It really doesnt! I had to skip over the words that were offensive. Other than the cursing, that appears maybe 5 or 6 times throughout the 319 page book, it was good. It also offers recipes at the end of the book! The recipes come from the characters from the book. They are recipes that they made throughout the novel. I plan to try some myself!
I purchase my books, used from I find I get the best prices there, even with the shipping charges!
Merry Christmas :-)

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