Saturday, November 22, 2008

Organization :-)

I am a very organized individual! Administrative is my middle name. Deanna Administrative that's a long one! Anyway, I enjoy keeping lists, notebooks and folders to keep my thoughts straight. I even keep a little notebook in my purse, this way if I am out and have an idea, I can write it down for later.

Here are some ideas of what I do at Christmas to help me out.....

I keep a Cristmas notebook! Each year, I write in it what I would like to give each person on my gift giving list. As I purchase or make the gift, I cross it off my list. This really helps me stay organized!

I also keep a Christmas folder. I decorated the front with Christmas stickers and labled it "Christmas ideas, recipes and traditions". In it, I keep clippings from magazines or pages I have printed off from my computer, with recipes I would like to try, traditions worth starting or anything else I am considering trying out for the Holidays this year.

Something else I do that helps me stay organized is, make a Christmas card list each year. I keep the previous years lists as well. I keep the lists in my bag with my Christmas cards and pens. This way, I am sure not to forget anyone

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