Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cookie House!

Happy Thursday, my favorite day of the week!

I was commenting on someones blog (you know who you are) at the beginning of the week about all of the things I wanted to accomplish this week. I have to say, I am doing really good! One of the many things, was making a "gingerbread" house with my son. Well, we made it yesterday.

It was a lot of fun =D This year, Anthony really took pride in his decorating...making straight lines with the candy and straight rows with the bears. I am really proud of him. I told him, this was the best one yet and we do this each year.

Here he is, the proud builder himself!
He is such a blessing!

Oh, by the way, its made of graham crackers and not gingerbread :-)

1 comment:

~Scot, Lisa, and Timmy said...

That looks good enough to eat:-)!

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