Saturday, May 16, 2009

What are your cravings?

Happy Saturday!

I was just reading a friends blog and she has inspired me to write this post.

She talks about how different people like to eat different things and how new recipes are formed by trying to mix things we ordinarily would not mix. Here is her link

So, after reading how she likes to pour milk over her baked goods and eat them, I began to think about some "different" things my mom ate when I was growing up. Here are a few things I remember... She would:

  • Pour milk and sugar over rice and eat it for dessert.

  • Eat a head of lettuce every couple of days. She would get up every few minutes and pull off several leaves and eat them.

  • Cut a cantalope in half, scoop out the seeds and fill the hole with vanilla ice cream. Then, she got a spoon and sat in front of the TV and at it all!

I have eaten some strange things myself! I...

  • Eat cream cheese with my bagel.

  • Dip my bread and french fries in blue cheese dressing.

  • Smother my hot dogs with yellow mustard and like them best burned on the grill.

  • Eat garlic raw :-)

My sister used to eat peanut butter and tomato sandwiches when she was a child!

And my husband eats his cereal soggy in the morning (on purpose!)

I guess we all have funny things we like to eat. I would like to hear about yours... please comment :-)

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Cooking Mama said...

Thank you my friend for plugging my blog! My husband likes cantaloupe and ice cream as well.

One thing I didn't mention that I like is ketchup and mayo mixed together and then I dip my fries in it. Yum! My family grosses out over it all the time.

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