Friday, July 31, 2009

I need to vent!

Hello, all :-) There is something on my mind and I think if I could write about it, I will feel much better.

Most of you know that I write for I enjoy it so much! However people leaving rude comments on my articles has really been disturbing to me.

I never claimed to be a "know it all" about cooking, baking or food. I just enjoy it! Therefore, I enjoy sharing my experiences with others. I have had several people (that I do not even KNOW and that do not know ME) leave some mean comments for me. Didn't their parents ever teach them that if they have nothing nice to say, not to say anything at all?
How about showing love and support to other know, love your neighbor as yourself...The Golden Rule: Do onto others and you would have them do to you!

Ahhh...I am starting to feel better now.

It just disturbs me how people think they have the right to purposefully try to hurt or slander someone else. I just do not get it.

Often times, jealousy does play its part in these instances and I try to remind myself that I am here to please God and not man. (That always makes me feel better)

I hope I have not made you bored with my thoughts...just felt like I needed to get them out.
Thanks for listening :-)


Baking Momma said...

I have never been to to But I will make sure to check it out after here. But I must say you are right to feel this way. I understand where you are coming from. But you need not let their pettiness get to you. Like you said you are here for God and he is the only ones opinion we need to worry about.

See you could have left this on my Blog Confession lol.

I hope you feel better and remember someone that has to make you feel bad is making up for how bad they fee inside.

Anonymous said...

You're stuff is great. LOTS of people think so...including me! I don't even read criticism unless it's legitimate! Don't even read the stuff. But you must realize that, because you're in the public "eye", everybody's entitled to their own ridiculous opinion! lol - Pastor Steve

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