Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My tips and Pimiento salad

Well, it is almost July 4th! We are halfway through the year already! I have been thinking about Christmas and have started to make gifts. I am thinking about giving gifts from the kitchen this year... jam, spices, hot cocoa mix, gifts in a jar, those type of things. I have also thought about making aprons. Thursday I am going with a friend to look at some fabric. Have you heard of or driven past the Mill Outlet on Capital Blvd? I hear they have good prices on fabrics. I am looking forward to the trip over there.

July 25th, QVC will be having their annual Christmas in July day! Everything sold will be Christmas related. You know I tune in all day long! I will remind you again as it gets closer :-)

I have some kitchen tips to share with you today. Its never too early to start organizing for Christmas!

Here is an easy recipe for Pimiento cheese:

Enjoy the tips and recipe!

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