Sunday, August 9, 2009

Coffee recipes, Hot chocolate recipes, Brownie ideas, Granola recipe and spice recipes

Weekend review: Save money Sunday!

Here are several things you can make yourself to save money:

Coffee (Why go to Satrbucks when you can make your own?)

Hot cocoa and Hot cocoa (continued) (Instead of spending $2.00 a box, make your own and save!)

Brownies (No more Sams club..make your own gourmet brownies!)

Honey granola (Do not spend up to $4.00 a box for granola bars or granola cereal...make your own!)

Pumpkin pie spice (A small bottle is $4.00! Make this and save $20 or more!)

Cinnamon sugar (Easy to make and save money too!)

Chai sugar (My own creation!)

1 comment:

Baking Momma said...

All I can say is Yes Yes and more yes. I am all about making it at home. Plus it taste better!

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