Friday, August 14, 2009

Eggnog recipes and spinach pie recipe

Eggnog: its not just for drinking! Check out these ideas of what we can make using eggnog!

This pie recipe is great for breakfast or brunch! You can even make it for a breakfast dinner!

I make the spinach pie on weekends and also for brunch at Christmastime! It can really be made any day though...its that easy!

Another note: when eggnog starts to show up at the grocery store, you can also find, "Soynog" made by Silk! It is soy eggnog and it is VERY good!

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Baking Momma said...

I will have to try the eggnog. As I have never made. I have never heard of Spinach pie until a couple of weeks ago. When my sister asked me for one. I said I never heard of that. Probably because I do not eat Spinach. Do you know what she tells me? YOU ARE BAKING MOMMA AREN'T YOU? So get to it.

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