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Julie and Julia movie (vegetable soup recipe and how to make gift tags)

Julie and Julia movie

You may think you are about to read a review on the movie, Julie and Julia. But that is not what I am going to write about. This title for this post is:

How the movie, Julie and Julia has Inspired the Life of Deanna.

Yes, last night a good friend and myself went to see the movie. And yes, it was pretty good! I did learn a thing or two about food. I also learned something about Julia Child… According to the movie, she was a woman who was full of joy as well as one who loved and respected her husband very much. Oh, what we can learn from her!

This movie touched my heart in a way that I never expected.

First off, it has inspired me to cook. Yes, I do cook for my family each night. However, it is not always from scratch. At least twice a week I pop in a frozen pizza or call it a sandwich night. No matter how busy Julia Child was, she always made time to cook for her husband. When she went to school, she came home and cooked. As she wrote her first cookbook, she came home and cooked. After she spent the day testing recipes for the book, she cleaned up and cooked. You get the point. She always made time for her husband and this has spoken volumes to me.
Something that God put on my heart during this movie is that we are to put God first and do not forget that we only have one life to live. So, we are to love the life we have and be content with it. In addition to loving God and our life, we as wives are to love our husbands. We should do for them what they feel is important. Our way of showing love isn’t always the best way for them. For instance, my way of showing my husband love is keeping the house clean and cooking for him. However his idea is for me to honor and respect him, so that is what I do. I am far from perfect, but with Gods help, my goal is to please my husband.
Julia seemed to accomplish that with little effort and I look up to her for that.
My quote: “We only have one life to live so love your life, God and your husband”.

Oh, how I can relate to the disappointment of being turned away by a book publisher! My heart went out to Julia Child as this happened to her. I have sent our many query letters and book proposals to agents and a few publishers as well for my books: Party and Shower Planning, Step Out and Invite Them: Your Personal Guide to Hospitality, Christmas: Get it Organized and my latest novel, Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star. I have gotten positive responses, but I have not received a “yes” yet. I know how it feels to know you are doing what God wants you to do, but you have not gotten to where you are supposed to get yet. I know that all things will happen in Gods timing and I will not run ahead of Him nor trail behind Him.
My quote: Faith is not believing that God will do what you want Him to, but believing He will do what is best!

On the other hand, I can also relate to Julia’s elation when she received the acceptance letter from a publisher. When I won second place for the recipe contest with Taste of Home Magazine and opened up that letter stating that I had won… the first thing I did was yell for my husband to share my joy with him. Then, after I got quiet, I thanked God for the win. For without Him, it would not have been possible. As I watched the movie and saw how publishers were calling Julie left and right after she wrote the blog, it made me feel a bit sad. However, I quickly overcame that feeling. For I know that God is my provider! He will provide everything for me! Including but not limited to the perfect agent and publisher that will do my work justice!
My quote: There is nothing we can do to make things happen for ourselves. We must depend on God and know He will bring the desires of our hearts to pass…when we delight ourselves in Him!

Another thing I became thankful for was my kitchen! Yes, it sounds so simple but its true! We are to be content with what we have. I may not have the biggest and most gourmet kitchen in the world right now (but one day soon I will), however I am so thankful for what I do have. I came to realize seeing Julia Child in her large and open kitchen and then seeing Julie in her very small galley style kitchen, that is it not the kitchen that makes the meal. It is the love and effort we put into it.
My quote: Be thankful for all the things you have. When you are faithful with little, God will entrust you with much.
That about covers all of the things I learned about my life from this movie. Again, not what I expected to come home with. However, God will speak to us through all kinds of avenues. This movie was the avenue for me!

Here is my vegetable soup recipe that is so easy to make:

A great craft for the family:

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Cooking Mama said...

Awesome, Deanna! I've been thinking about the same thing too . . .about the kitchen situation. My favorite kitchen quote is from Giulia Melucci in I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti: "I learned that you do not need fancy cookware and a restaurant-grade range to make delicious food; the only true essentials to good cooking are fine ingredients and a sense of how to use them. This you get from cooking on your own, watching others, and eating as many different types of food and preparations as you can."

And as you know, God is in control and you WILL get your dream because He rewards those who are faithful. :)

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