Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekly Grocery Store Sale Ads and Recipes!

I have an article here with links to the Grocery stores sale ads. I have also added some of the items on sale with recipes to go with them.

Please let me know if this is helpful and I will do it again when the new sales start!

I am all about saving money :-)

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Baking Momma said...

Too Bad. I dont live where you live because it would take some of the work out of it for me lol.

My husband and I get the papers when they come in look at all sales and compare and then circle what we want and take one day and make our trip to each store with all the sales.

Sometimes they have on meats buy one get TWO free. Girl I fill up that freezer like no ones business.
I went last week and the girl was like man that is a lot of meat. You must have a big family! I said nope just three of us. But I have to catch those sales. When I can get them.

PS Told Jr. Chef to get ready orders are coming in for his cookies. lol

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