Monday, September 7, 2009

Easy Labor Day recipes, Fall recipes, Hot cocoa and coffee recipes, Christmas organizing ideas

Happy Labor Day! I hope you get some much needed rest today. Its a great day to hang around the house and watch movies with your family and friends. (No exertion there)

Here are some easy recipes you can make today!

Easy Labor Day recipes

Fall recipes: Flavors of fall

Ready for a warm drink? Check out these... (dont forget to look for the link in the coffee article about how to make Starbucks copy cat recipes!)


Hot cocoa

Hot cocoa (continued)

Ready for Christmas? I am :-) Here are some great tips on how to get organized and enjoy the season when it gets here:

How to get organized for Christmas

Christmas family traditions

How to prepare your home for guests (you can use these ideas any day of the year!)

Christmas card ideas

Easy Christmas decorating ideas

Holiday tips

Stay calm at Christmastime

Photo taken from! What great memories that picture brings to mind....

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