Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chicken! Chicken recipes!

Weekend review: Chicken!
Today, I will post several chicken recipes. Are you looking for ways to cook boneless skinless chicken breasts? How about some easy chicken recipes? Or maybe you are looking for an easy chicken dumpling recipe! If so, I have some chicken recipes for you!

Chicken recipes:

Fried barbeque chicken
Chicken and vegetable soup
Chicken meatballs
Easy chicken enchiladas
Chicken broccoli hot pocket
Chicken Cutlet
Chicken salad braid
Chicken and broccoli fried rice
Chicken lasagna
Chicken pot pie
Chicken and dumplings
Chicken Adobo

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Amy Johnson said...

Hello everyone I just found some great recipes check them out. My family really enjoyed these home cooked recipes so I hope you will too

Sara said...

Some mighty fine recipes. when it comes to awesome chicken recipes I would always go for the thighs myself. Can't understand folks who only eat the white meat.

Ivan said...

Hey, i like the breasts myself, not sure about those people who dont like chicken breasts

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