Friday, October 9, 2009

Chocolate chip cookie tips, chcolate chip cookie facts, chocolate chip cookie recipes, Christmas ABC's: Attitude and Bows

Chocolate chip cookies!
How do you like your chocolate chip cookies? Do you like chewy chocolate chip cookies or do you like crispy chocolate chip cookies? Are you looking for some new and different chocolate chip cookie recipes? Do you want to learn how to make the best chocolate chip cookies? I am here to help!

Here are some great tips to help you make the best chocolate chip cookies:

Chocolate chip cookies Tips
Chocolate chip cookies chewy vs crispy
Chocolate chip cookies storing chocolate

Chocolate chip cookie recipes:

Pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies
Chocolate covered raisin cookies
Chocolate chip and toffee cookies
No bake chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip cookies

Remember my Christmas ABC's project?

Christmas A B Cs-Christmas tips and ideas

Here are the first 2 articles: Attitude and Bows:
Christmas ABCs Attitude
Christmas ABCs Bows

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Vegetable Matter said...

Thanks for your posting. I have always found that baking this seemingly simple cookie to be one of the biggest challenges. Cheers!

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