Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coffee recipes and Christmas card crafts!

What a great and Christmas!
Today, I will list several coffee recipes that you can make with your own coffee maker, from home. Recipes will range from a pumpkin spice coffee to apple cider coffee. Weather you have a coffee grinder and you grind your own brand or you use gourmet coffee or the generic store brand, you can still make these coffee recipes. If you enjoy Starbucks coffee or Caribou coffee, you will enjoy these coffee recipes as well.

Apple cider coffee
Pumpkin latte
Vanilla cinnamon coffee
Coconut coffee
Chocolate vanilla coffee

I hope you make yourself the perfect cup of coffee today!

If you have a ton of old Christmas cards that you have saved over the years, I have a plan for you! Try these crafts using all of your old cards:

Christmas card craft ideas
Old Christmas card craft wreath
Old Christmas card craft Ornaments
Old Christmas card craft reuse old Christmas cards

These crafts are great to make with children! Put on your Christmas music Christmas CD's review and get crafty :-)
Merry Christmas in October!

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