Sunday, November 29, 2009

M&M macaroon cookie recipe and other great and easy cookie recipes!

It's cookie baking time!
This M&M macaroon cookie recipe was adapted from the M&M baking book! If you like M&Ms it is a great book to have.

-->M&M macaroon cookies
Here are just a few more great and easy cookie recipe for you to try!

-->Eggnog cookies
-->Bisquick cookies
-->Cream cheese cookies
-->Kolacky cookies
-->Electric skillet cookies
-->Pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies
-->Chewy oatmeal cookies
-->Chocolate chip mint cookies

For more great cookie recipes and cookie tips, click here:

Enjoy this time baking with your will create great memories for you and them :-)
Check out this article about baking with your children:

-->Kitchen helpers: Having children help in the kitchen
Want to bake with family that is far away, check this out:
-->Baking with out of town family

Interested in giving gifts from the kitchen, take a look:
-->Gifts in a pan

Happy Baking!

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