Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving recipes! The Ultimate Thanksgiving meal guide!

Weekend Review: Thanksgiving!
This Thursday is the big day! Here are some articles to help you organize:

Save money on groceries for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving dinner recipes
Thanksgiving pie recipes
Holiday cheesecake recipes
Pumpkin recipes
Holiday chocolate recipes
Thanksgiving meal planning

Thanksgiving recipes: Womans Day Thanksgiving recipes
Thanksgiving pie recipes: All You
Food Network: Thanksgiving menus
Turkey information from: National Registry of Food and Safety Professionals
Womans Day: Thanksgiving recipes

Specific recipes you may need:
Orange honey glaze (for ham)
Cream soup
Cheese biscuits
Monkey bread
Ambrosia salad
Sweet potato casserole
Whipped sweet potato casserole
Pumpkin casserole
Easy stuffing

Additional articles that will help:
Green bean casserole
Pumpkin turnover
Holiday lemonade
Pumpkin pie bars
Pecan pie bars
Eggnog recipe ideas
What to do with cranberries

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