Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chocolate recipes!

Weekend review: chocolate!
Something that most of us enjoy! Now that the Holidays are here, maybe we can enjoy it a little more :-)
Here are some great recipes...all guessed it: Chocolate!

Hot cocoa

Hot cocoa (continued)

Chocolate vanilla coffee
Chocolate facts
Peppermint candy
Monkey Munch
Fall recipes Chocolate latte cookies
Chocolate crunch snack
Holiday chocolate recipes
Mississippi mud trifle
Banana chocolate chip bread
Chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate covered raisin cookies

Chocolate chip cookies Tips

Chocolate chip cookies chewy vs crispy

Chocolate chip cookies storing chocolate

Pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies

Chocolate chip mint cookies
Chocolate chip and toffee cookies
No bake chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip cookies

Skore bars

7 layer bar

Chocolate recipes from the National Christmas Examiner:
Peanut butter balls

Chocolate covered raisins

Rocky road candy
Brownie pie
Thumbprint cookies

Mario Batalis Biscotti

Peanut butter white chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate mint rice crispy treat

Find chocolate recipes here:

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Gevalia Holiday Pleasures book review

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