Saturday, December 26, 2009

New year comes with a new focus?

Ever feel like taking a new direction in your life? Maybe you are traveling down a road...a long straight road... and its time to take a turn...
I have been feeling that way for several months now. Today, I am seeing things a bit more clearly. I know I am traveling down the right road...I just need to widen it a bit!

I feel some changes coming...good changes of course! I am looking into some new groups and classes for myself... that will help to widen my side street into a main road!

I am very excited!

I felt led to share this with all of you in my blogging universe today.
Maybe it will encourage someone out there to widen their road too!
The key is to pray and allow God to show you if you are to head down a new path in your life.

Have a great weekend...maybe your new year will be under construction like mine!

1 comment:

Kelly said... hit my nail on the head. I knew God was going to do great things this I know "what". He is going to widen my road!!

What an excellent way to say that!! Thanks for the encouragement, and the validation.

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