Monday, December 28, 2009

The story of the cheesecake!

Doesn't every recipe have a story of some sort attached to it? My goal is to find a story to go with each recipe :-)

In 2008, I submitted a recipe for Mascarpone Cheesecake to a Taste of Italy contest with Taste of Home Magazine. It won 2nd place! When I received the letter in the mail informing me of my win, I screamed so loud, my husband thought I was hurt! It was a great day!

The Story of the Cheesecake

I have been making cheesecakes since I was a young girl. About 14 years ago, I was whipping one up due to a craving I was having to enjoy the sweet, creamy goodness of a cheesecake.
As I chatted on the phone, I completed the preparation of my sweet, creamy cheesecake. I popped it into the oven and waited patiently (OK, I was NOT patient) for it to bake.
About 2 hours later, I removed it from the oven, for the original recipe called for it to sit in there for an additional hour after the baking was complete. I put it into the refrigerator for 3 hours to firm and I just could not wait any longer to indulge.
I took it out, cut a big, fat slice for myself and took a huge scoop of it with my spoon. I shoved it into my mouth as fast as my hand would allow and I barely chewed it before I swallowed. It tasted so...... Nasty!
Apparently, I forgot to add the sugar! It was terrible! I was forced to throw it away and start all over again!

What, you may ask, did I learn from this horrific experience? Not to talk on the phone while I bake. And to this very day, I will not! I hang up before I begin the baking process!

Here is the recipe for Mascarpone Cheesecake.


Claudia said...

I think every recipe has a story also. Congrats on your win - wow. Delicious cheesecake (yes, I prefer it with sugar)

Janice said...

Great story, I usually burn stuff if I talk on the phone. Well done again for making top 9 on Food buzz.

Anonymous said...



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