Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brownies! (and brownie recipes)

The end of 2008, my dad challenged me to stop eating sweets from January through June. I am probably the BIGGEST sweet eater you know! I will eat cookies for lunch! I took dad up on this challenge and I did it! The only sweets I ate was a piece of cake for my Birthday is March, which I let him know I would do when I accepted the challenge. Guess what happened? I lost 7 pounds!
This year, dad and I decided to do it again. Even though he is in NJ and I am in NC, we still have each other and that helps with accountability.

On November 23, 2009 I wrote an article for SendOutCards
They are this great company that send out cards for busy people. Today, I got a package in the mail that contained the sweetest card and a big package of BROWNIES! Yes, sweet, chocolaty BROWNIES! Keep in mind, I am not eating sweets. However, I felt that I should taste one so that I can properly send her a thank you note. I know, bless my heart...too bad for me right?

Well, these brownies are so rich and moist and taste better than ANY brownie I have ever tasted! Can it be because I have not eaten sweets since the day after Christmas? Maybe. But I am so thankful that Michelle thought of me! Thank you so much Michelle!

If you guys want a great brownie...try one from SendOutCards!

OR try one of these great recipes :-)
Brownie ideas
Blond brownies
Spoon brownies

Lesson learned: Sometimes we should do things to be a blessing to others...as long as it does not hurt anyone or is not immoral :-)


Mari said...
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Janice said...

mmmm brownies - yum

Mari said...

Sorry I meant to say... Beautiful Story,and thanks for sharing these brownies with us.

Maria said...

Brownies are my favorite! I need these in my life.

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