Friday, January 15, 2010

Chicken burgers!

I like to eat healthy (aside from my tremendous sweet tooth, that is). I do not care to eat red meat or pork, but my husband has to have it! He likes for every meal he eats to contain meat. Me... I can do without it.

Last night I decided I wanted homemade vegetable soup along with chicken burgers. I gave my husband the option of having the burgers or having left over sloppy joes that I made for him the night before. To my SHOCK he said he would have the burgers. I was so happy! Prior to last night he would not eat ground turkey or always had to be beef!

So, I put together the vegetable soup at 11:30am, and got it going in the crockpot (pictures of the soup were put up on yesterdays blog post). I got to go to the store at 5:30pm yesterday to get my ground chicken, all white meat of course). To the ground chicken I added a bit of low sodium soy sauce and Pad Thai sauce. Then as they cooked, I added a bit of pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.

These burgers were SUPER moist! The juices dripped onto the plate as we were eating them!
We all enjoyed the burgers and vegetable soup last night and plan to have them again for dinner tonight.

Lesson learned: Never give up on trying :-)


Mari said...

My Favorite! I love your stories,it is something I look forward to everyday! Have a wonderful afternoon.

JoAnn said...

mmmm, these look awesome! I actually made some of those with beef tonight! turkey burgers are great too!

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