Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cinnamon in my coffee and a pochette to go with it!

Good morning blog world!
Every morning I wake up and make a pot of coffee. Several weeks ago I switched to decaf (but sshhhh.... don't tell my husband. He still thinks he is drinking regular). This morning I decided to add ground cinnamon to my coffee grinds before I brewed my coffee. I used to do this every morning and for some reason I stopped! After taking my first sip of coffee this morning, I thought to myself... Why did I stop adding cinnamon to the coffee? And to be quite honest with you...I just don't know!!!! From this day forward, I WILL be adding my cinnamon =D

In addition, I posted a Pochette recipe today! This recipe way made by Melissa D'Arabian (from the Food Network) when she was on The Next Food Network Star last season. My friend Kendra made them and brought me some to Church one evening. That was all it took for me! I liked them so much I made a batch a few days later. These sweet delights would go PERFECTLY with a cup of cinnamon coffee!

1 comment:

Twyla said...

Those pochettes look delicious. Nice job.

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