Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coffee...caf or decaf? (Plus coffee recipes)

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all getting some rest this weekend :-)
Today's topic to be discussed is coffee! About one week ago I took a poll on Facebook to see who enjoys coffee and WHY! I asked who preferred coffee for the taste and who enjoyed it for the caffeine. Here were my results:

Out of 31 people:

17 enjoyed the taste

4 drank it for the caffeine only


9 drank it for both taste and caffeine

1 person hates coffee (you know who you are)

So there you have it...the majority of people drink coffee because they enjoy its comforting flavor.
About two weeks ago, I decided to switch to decaf coffee because it was truly the flavor of the coffee I enjoy. That is actually what prompted me to take this poll :-)
On that note... here are some flavored coffee recipes you can make for yourself in the comfort of your own home! Save that $5 that you would spend at Starbucks and in a few months go and buy something nice for yourself or donate the money to your Church or a special charity!

Lesson learned: Flavor over legal stimulant...

Coffee Recipes:
Making Coffee
Pumpkin Latte
Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee
Creamy Spiced Coffee with Spiced Whipped Topping (topping also great for desserts)
Chocolate Vanilla Coffee
Coconut Coffee
Apple Cider Coffee

Dessert recipes that contain COFFEE:
Chocolate Latte Cookies
Mocha Fudge Bars
Coffee Cheesecake

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