Monday, January 11, 2010

Discovering tomatoes! (And bruschetta recipe)

As you know, I have decided to try out new foods and recipes this year. In my search to learn, I stumbled upon some great videos posted on YouTube! Believe it or not, YouTube is a great source for learning things culinary! I found videos posted by the Culinary Institute of America that have been very helpful. I learned how to cut an onion the correct way as well as how to choose my tomatoes, which brings me to today's post!

I viewed a video that encouraged me to try new tomatoes. So, the last time I went shopping at The Fresh Market, I bought two new varieties that I had never tried before. Up until that point, my favorite variety was the Roma.

I purchased Roma, Red Brandywine and the Cherokee Purple varieties. I have written an article about my findings: Trying New Tomatoes And the winner was....Ah! You have to read it to find out!
I will tell you this, it was NOT the Roma!

Here is the bruschetta recipe I used the tomatoes for.

Also within the article Trying New Tomatoes, you will find the link to the video I viewed on YouTube!

I have learned that trying new things is fun and often times you will find a new favorite in the process :-)


Janice said...

Looks great Deanna.

Teanna said...

I love trying new things! I like that you did a taste comparison - I can't tell the difference between tomatoes but I haven't really tried!

Chef Tom said...

I love tomatoes. This looks like the perfect appetizer for a little gathering I'm planning for this coming Sunday

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