Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The roasted chicken experience!

I have to say, making my first roasted chicken went really well :-)
As I was cleaning it off before drying it, I did gag a little bit :( I don't know, something about raw chicken skin makes me a little queasy :/
After the gagging subsided, I basted the bird and popped in into the oven. What a heavenly aroma it provided!

Yesterday, my blogging buddy, Janice said, "My sister cooked her first one (chicken) upside down, it looked like a frog lol! However, it tasted just as good and years later TV chefs were recommending cooking poultry that way to keep the breast moist!"
Now, I always cook my turkey this way...have for years! Last night, (I'm thinking it was subconsciously), I cooked the chicken breast side down. I KNOW I did not do it purposefully, because I do not remember saying to myself, "Cook the chicken breast side down". I placed the cooked bird onto the serving platter, carefully placed the vegetables all around it and began taking pictures of my masterpiece. As I viewed the pictures on the camera, I realized it looked like a FROG! Just like Janice said!!!! But it did not click what I had done.
I began to slice the bird and my husband said, "I think the breast meat is on the other side". So, I started to cut on the other side of what I thought was the breast bone. He said it again and I realized what he meant was the under side!
Sure enough, I had cooked it breast side down because underneath the chicken was full of juicy, white meat!

That chicken was the moistest chicken we have ever eaten!

What did I learn: Try new things and do it with confidence AND cook your poultry breast side down...even if it looks funny :-)

Note in the first picture how it looks like I just drank an entire pot of coffee by myself! Can you say wired?!


Janice said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't expect to see my comments featured in your blog post, thanks! Glad your first roast chicken turned out so good, there is really nothing quite like it - delicious!

Claudia said...

You may be wired but that is one good looking chicken! I adore roasted chicken - great photos!

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