Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roasted Chicken recipe and FREE Gooseberry Patch Recipe Booklet!

Happy Thursday! Thursday is my favorite day of the week! Over the hump and on to the weekend...just one more day!
I hope you have been enjoying my dramatic saga of the Roasted Chicken! I have been having fun with it!
Today, I have decided to reveal the infamous recipe for the Roasted Chicken with Vegetables!!!! After all the talk of Roasted Chicken, I thought it appropriate to share the recipe with everyone! Maybe you will make it over the weekend????? If so, please be sure to comment to this post and let me know how it went :-)
Here is the recipe: Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Here is another little treat for you today... the link to a free Gooseberry Patch Recipe Booklet!! Gooseberry Patch Breakfast & Brunch with Sun-Maid® Raisins & Dried Fruit and Post® Raisin Bran Cereal is a soft covered book, but don't let that fool you... Those Gooseberry Patch ladies come up with some delicious recipes!
Just click HERE and fill out the little form and it will be on its way to your mailbox!

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My Little Space said...

I felt the same way too! Back to the old days when I was still working out there. Thursday is the best day ever!

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