Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to make the juice!

Have you ever juiced fruits and vegetables before?
I used to incorporate it into my every day diet! Then, I decided the juicer took up too much space on the counter and I was not using it enough to constitute having it under the cabinet it went to live a long lonely life.
Today, I decided to take it out, thinking: Fresh squeezed juice is much healthier for us that packaged juices.
I just made and drank orange apple juice...WOW, was it good. I made a cup for myself and my son and we both enjoyed it so much! Think about all of the vitamin C we just drank and how healthy that is!!!!
I peeled 1 medium/large orange and sliced up 2 small/medium apples to make the juice. Next, I think I will add some fresh peaches to the mix!

Fresh carrots are also really good when juiced. They are much sweeter juiced than they are when eaten raw. To my carrots I used to add tomatoes and was like a fresh V8.

Just like the Dunkin' Donuts guy used to say: "Time to make the donuts", I say: "Time to make the juice!"

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Mari said...

Excellent Deanna! I did the same with my juice maker and also was kind of lazy until....My orange orchard were full of fruits! I began doing fresh OJ because there is only so many orange one can eat! Now I love making my own juice verses the sweet 90% fake juice you could get at the supermarkets. Once you get used to fresh juice, you would not like store brought one. Wish you a Wonderful afternoon!

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