Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toothpaste in the sink!

OK, this is so NOT a food related post!
I am one of those people who like things to ALWAYS be clean. I clean SOMETHING every day. Whether it be a bathroom or the kitchen counter, to my eyes something always needs a cleaning.

Yesterday, as I was about to clean the master bathroom counters, I noticed a spot of toothpaste within the sink. I thought to myself: This has to be from my son because he was the last one to brush his teeth today.

I looked down at it and guess what I saw? (That is your hint to look at the above picture and see if you can see it...take your time...I will wait for you to take a do do do do do do do do DO...humming Jeopardy music for you while I wait...)

It is a HEART! Not only is it a is a PERFECT heart!
Jesus tells us: Above all, love one another. That was my reminder for the day :-)
Today's lesson: Go out today and show someone some love =D

1 comment:

Elise Johnson said...

How precious Love both your hearts, Deanna!

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