Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend review: Bread recipes!

Guess what? This is my 350th post on this blog! Wow! It does not seem like I have posted so many!
This Sunday: Weekend Review will focus on bread recipes! It's a great day to make bread. Chances are where you live it is cold outside and having the oven on will be a pleasure not a bother today :-)

Easy banana bread recipe

Easy cheese bread recipe

Bread roll recipes

Zucchini apple bread recipe

Cheese biscuit recipe

Monkey bread recipe: Does this really fit in under the BREAD category???

For more delicious bread recipes click here: Bread recipes by Deanna
Happy bread baking!

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My Little Space said...

Oh wow, congrats on your 350th post! Not easy to make it this far and you did it. Well done, Deanna!

Shake Your Bon Bons said...

You have just been given the "One Delicious Blog" Award for your blogging adventures in food. Keep up the tasty work!

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