Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekend review: snack, appetizer and spice recipes!

Good Sunday morning!
What is "weekend review" you might be thinking to is a collaboration of recipes and articles I put together on the weekend and hope it is useful to my readers :-)

This weekend we will focus on Snacks and Appetizers (and a few spices too). Be sure to scroll to the end of this post where you will find recipes to make some of your own spices! Save money in 2010!
Here are some recipes for you to try this week:

Snack recipes: (Raleigh Cooking Examiner)

Wet walnut ice cream topping

Apple cinnamon shakeups

Mini corn cake snack

Easy apple ring snack

Monkey Munch

Easy snack recipes

Graham cracker snack

Tortilla snack recipe

Chocolate crunch snack

Appetizer recipes:

Vanilla fruit dip

Fruit dip

Easy spinach dip

Artichoke dip

Easy vegetable dip

5 layer dip


Brie recipe

Beef and cheese ball

Sausage balls

Easy shrimp dip

Crab dip
Stuffed dates
Easy hummus on cucumbers
Sausage dip

Potato skins

Piggies in blankets

Snack and Appetizer recipes: (National Christmas Examiner)

Clam balls

Scallop kabobs
Chocolate pretzel snack
Pineapple cheese bake
Easy cinnamon chips

Make your own spices: (and save money)
Some of the recipes listed here you may or may not consider to be recipes, simply because they may only contain two ingredients :-) However, they sure taste good when baking with them!

Pumpkin pie spice

Cinnamon sugar

Chai sugar

Cocoa sugar

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