Friday, January 29, 2010

Whole wheat bread experience!

Here in NC, they are calling for snow tonight and through Saturday. So, last night I got the itch for baking! I decided to make home made whole wheat bread in my bread machine.

I went into the kitchen drawer to get the manual for the machine that mind you, contains the recipes. It was no where to be seen! Now, I ALWAYS keep all of my manuals together in this place so I am not sure where it is hiding.
I decided to go online for a recipe. Yeah...good luck with that! I was NOT going to PAY for a recipe to use with my machine. Thankfully, I found this wonderful article on about my specific machine AND she included a link to the manual...for FREE!
OK, I printed off my directions and several recipes and I was ready to bake some bread!

I got all of my ingredients into the machine and turned it on. It sounded like a jack hammer pounding away at my kitchen counter! Put it this way, it was loud enough that my dad, who was speaking to my son on the phone heard it and asked him if I was pounding bricks! I went to check on it and discovered this strange smell coming from the machine...was it THAT long since I have made bread? Let me ask you this... you know when the weather starts to get chilled...the seasons turning from fall into winter and your heat kicks on for the first time? You know that smell that comes out of the vents? It is like a mixture of old air mixed in with the heat? THAT is what I smelled last night coming out of my bread machine...sad but true. It HAS been that long :-P
FINALLY, it got through the kneading process and the little light switched over to the word "rise". Ahhhh...the quiet! Then, about an hour later it started to bake. The aroma was heavenly!
At 11pm, my bread was cooled and ready to be removed from the machine. I removed it and cut a slice. Yum! It was very tasty. I would like to make another loaf only this time, I would like it to be lighter... not as dense. Any ideas on how I could accomplish that?

All in all, I am pleased with my whole wheat bread and the baking experience!

Lesson learned: Do not start up the bread machine while others are sleeping. They will be awakened by loud hammering noises!


Emily Ziegler said...

Baking bread is so much fun! I have been on a major bread baking kick myself! This looks delish!

JoAnn said...

I've been wondering about the machines because it's not so easy to rise your dough in humid Florida. Just might get one now.

Janice said...

We use our bread machine 2 or 3 times a week and make a wholemeal loaf which is 60% wholewheat flour and 40% strong white bread flour, that makes it lighter without losing the flavour. We also put in pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds for a nice crunch. Good luck.

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