Friday, January 1, 2010

The writer: Flannery O'Connor

You must be thinking, "Two posts in one day, what is going on"! I know, usually I post only one, but I really want to share about something I have learned today.

I was reading a blog post from one of the blogs I follow on Twitter last night. It was a post about "Quotes for the day" for writers. There was one quote that jumped out at me and made quite an impact on me. Here is what it said:

Tell the Reader to Go Jump in the Lake

The writer is only free when he can tell the reader to go jump in the lake. You want, of course, to get what you have to show across to him, but whether he likes it or not is no concern of the writer.


If you know me, even just a little bit, you know that I do not like negative comments made about me or my writing. In the past it has upset me. I have gotten a lot better over the past several months however, so this quote was just the icing on my cake!

What changed my outlook several months ago, you might ask. Well, here it is:

You're stuff is great. LOTS of people think so...including me! I don't even read criticism unless it's legitimate! Don't even read the stuff. But you must realize that, because you're in the public "eye", everybody's entitled to their own ridiculous opinion! lol - Pastor Steve

This comment was left on my Blog Post: I Need to Vent
There is another comment that was left on that blog post from my new friend, "Baking Momma" that was very uplifting and encouraging... thank you both :-)
I have to say, they helped to change my life!

Anyway, after reading the comment by Flannery O'Connor, I decided to do some research to learn about this person who impacted me so strongly. It turns out this woman was a great author of her time and even today, people are still raving about her writings. If you are interested in learning about this bold writer, you can read about her, here.

What did I learn today? Just do what you do and do it well. You will NEVER be able to please everybody :-)

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Janice said...

I'm clapping my hands here. I couldn't agree more.

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