Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bobby Flay's Adobo Seasoned Baked Chicken Wings

Happy Thursday!
Remember my post on Bobby Flay's chicken wings where I posted his recipe? Well, I made them last night! I have to say, they were fairly easy to make. It took me the longest to peel, cut and puree the mango. (aside from cooking the chicken, of course)
I should have gotten about 3 mango's to add to the glaze, but I only had one so I made it work! Plus, I did not have 40 wings, I only had about 18.

My husband and my son ate them all up! They said they were very good. However, my husband seemed disappointed they were baked and not fried. Health!

Have a happy Thursday...remember...try a new recipe this week, you may find a new family favorite!

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1 comment:

Biren said...

This look so good! I am sure my boys will really enjoy this :)

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