Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something funny...

We went to lunch today at Milton's Pizza in Raleigh. My hubby took me there because he knew I have been wanting to go.(Wasn't that so sweet?) We had a nice relaxing lunch, the three of us and then decided to go for a ride to look at some houses.
I asked my hubby if he would stop at Starbucks so I could get a coffee before we went on our ride. He did. I decided I wanted a tall, skinny vanilla latte. He was driving so he had to order it for me (we went through the drive through). Now, keep in mind, my husband lifts weights 5 days a week. With his arms he lifts about 400 pounds of weight. My point is, he is a pretty big guy. So, to hear him order, "I will have a tall, skinny vanilla latte", made me laugh out loud! One would think he would order a White chocolate mocha with no whip. (That is what he would normally order for himself)
I got a good chuckle out of it and thought you might as well :-)

Ever see a man in the grocery or pharmacy carrying around a box of womans sanitary products? Looks kind of funny doesn't it? Even though you KNOW they are not for him, it is still funny :P
That is how I felt today. Here is this big, brute of a man ordering a skinny latte!

Big brute of a husband who is really a big teddy bear, featured above!


Kristina said...

That is hilarious.

My Little Space said...

Naughty Deanna! haha.... You teased him often, don't you? Frankly, he should cut down at least 20 pounds! For the sake of his health. Take care and have a good day!
Cheers, Kristy

Mari's Cakes said...

I could imagine it from here...lol, but he seems like a sweet hubby. I glad you had a relaxing afternoon.

Deanna, I know I have to get back to you via e-mail. Love the pics!

God bless you,

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