Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Bowl plans...

What are your plans for the Super Bowl this year? Are you having a party or going to one? Will you have a quiet evening at home just you and your sweetie watching the big game?

We will be going to our Church! They show the game on the HUGE screen at the front of the sanctuary! In addition to the big screen for the big game...we have some big food too! Can you say chili and hot wing contest????

Over the past few days I have published 2 articles on Super Bowl food and parties. Hopefully you will find something you like to try out for the big game this year:
Super Bowl Food ideas and Recipes
Super Bowl Recipes

Want to see where we spend a lot of our time? Living Word Family Church

Like the cake in the picture above? Find out how I made it in the Super Bowl Food ideas and Recipes article!


Janice said...

Have fun, we don't 'do' Superbowl so it doesn't mean much to me, but I know it's a big day in the US.

The Princess said...

Hello Deanne

I follow your blog regularly. I love all the cake recipes.

There is an Honest Scrap Award waiting for you at my blog: http://givemesomespice.blogspot.com.

Please collect and pass it on as per the instructions. According to the rules, if you accept the award, please post 10 honest things about yourself in your blog and send the award to 10 fellow food bloggers!

Here's hoping you'll accept the Honest Scrap Award.


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