Monday, March 29, 2010

Beach trip update (includes pictures)

Happy Monday!
I have to say I am feeling well rested (even though I did not get much sleep) upon my return from the beach.
I knew in my heart before I left that this weekend away was going to do me a world of good. I missed my hubby and son and my girlfriends say I called home too much :) I only called about 4 or 5 that too much? I just missed them :)

We ate and ate and ate this weekend. One of my favorite places to eat is Captain Georges Seafood Buffet. I have included pictures in this post. More pictures will come later. I plan on writing an article about the establishment.

We laughed and laughed about all kinds of things. I have decided to write a book about this weekend. I will embellish it a little bit but it will make a funny book. I'm thinking a movie deal will soon follow!

We got up really early and went to the beach to watch the sunrise. It was such a beautiful sight. As it rose we read the Bible together and remembered how Jesus rose for us. Then, we played worship music on my iphone as we finished watching the sun peek above the water. What a refreshing time!

So, as I sit an write this post, I hear my son playing in his room, the TV playing in the living room, my husband calling me on the phone, but I feel calm and peaceful inside. I feel like a new woman!


My Little Space said...

Hi Deanna, sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. Lots of fun, laughter and dine & wine.... So, how many extra pounds you gained?

Angel said...

Sounds like you had a really nice time. I like your blog! :o)

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