Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The day after...

I had a wonderful Birthday yesterday! Thank you all for the warm Birthday wishes!
My hubby spoiled me like a baby yesterday! He is such a sweetheart :)
The cards he bought from he and my son made me cry :P (I'm a big baby) Dinner was fabulous! And dessert was even better. I ordered a butterscotch brownie with coffee ice cream AND a piece of peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate crust on the bottom and chocolate ganache on top! Both were decadent! (We are still eating them today)

I have to say, I was blessed with many great gifts on my day but one really touched my heart...my girlfriend Chris lost her mom several years ago. (As I lost mine several years before her) She gave me a great gift set with body wash, lotion, hand cream and a sponge. That was really great (because I needed those items) but not the clencher. She also gave me an old kitchen gadget that you roll over your cookie dough and it cuts the dough into shapes. On the box she added a great note about how it was her moms and she is passing it on to me because her mom was a great baker and so am I! Can you say "crying like a baby?" Isn't that just the most heartfelt gift ever????
She has always been GREAT at choosing the perfect gifts. Oh, to learn from her!

So Chris, thank you from the bottom of this bakers heart!

Lesson learned: Often times the best gifts are not bought in the store, but are given from the heart :-)

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Janice said...

Oh what a perfect gift for you. What a kind thought from your friend.

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