Thursday, March 4, 2010

Did you miss me????

Happy Thursday!
Did you miss me yesterday? Probably not :) I totally forgot to post! Can you believe it???? I guess I got involved in so many things that it slipped my mind. No fear...I'm back today!

Yesterday I published my carrot cupcake with white chocolate cream cheese icing recipe! These are so good, you must give them a try!
Today I published Soup recipes, Quick dinner recipes and health tips by Woman's Day!

I posted some articles on FireHow last night too:
How to make rocky road candy
How to make chocolate pretzel treats

In addition to all that, I started a new online writing class!

So see, I WAS productive...I'm telling the truth!

My Aunt gave me a really good recipe for a healthy cauliflower soup yesterday! I plan to get the cauliflower and marjoram it calls for and make it soon. All of the other ingredients, I have in my pantry. I will keep you posted on that.
Have a wonderful day :)

1 comment:

Mari's Cakes said...

Was missed. Thank you for your great recipes, loved the carrot cupcakes.

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