Monday, March 15, 2010

So much food!

It has been quite a productive Monday!
Last night while reading my Food Network magazine, I found a recipe for The Bonefish Grill's, Bang Bang Shrimp! I about jumped out of my seat when I saw it!

We first went to The Bonefish Grill in November for our wedding anniversary. And yes, you guessed it, we ate the Bang Bang Shrimp! It was fabulous...that coming from someone who can not give two squirts about eating shrimp.

Today, I made the recipe. It was just as good as what we ate at the restaurant that cold November night. This time, our son got to eat the dish as he was not with us that night. He told me it was the best dish I ever made (Until tomorrow that is. He is so sweet!) Needless to say there is not one shrimp left for me to offer you!

In addition to the shrimp, I made an Irish Soda bread for the first time! I picked one up at Fresh Market over the weekend. My husband really liked it so I told him I would look for a recipe and make it for him. Then, as I was looking through the "Taste" section of the Sunday paper today...there it was, a recipe just for my hubby!
I made it today with a few minor changes to the recipe and I have to say it came out super!

In addition to these recipes, the other day I made homemade chicken and broccoli hot pockets and I took a picture! So for tonight, the hot pocket recipe and picture will have to hold you over until I get the Bang Bang Shrimp recipe and the Irish Soda Bread recipe published on

Chicken and Broccoli Hot Pockets Recipe

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