Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm Baaack! I know I have been MIA for several days!

Last night I went walking with my friend who happens to also live in my cul de sac (sounds like I own the street, doesn't it?). I take my cell phone with us while we walk, mainly for a program I have on it that tells us how fast we walk and how far we have gone.

As I approached her house, there was an "angel bunny" sitting right in her driveway. We call them angel bunnies and I'm honetsly not sure why...I'm going to have to look into that :)

So, I crept up to it as slowly and quietly as I could and.............. it attacked me! Just kidding :P and.... I took a picture of it!

Enjoy my angel bunny!

1 comment:

My Little Space said...

How fun was that! Is bunny belong to your friend? Gues not!
Have a nice day!
Regards, Kristy

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