Thursday, April 8, 2010

A sweet tooth!

Does anyone else have a sweet tooth like me? I was having a heck of a day yesterday and if you know me, you know that baking is therapeutic for me. So, I decided to try an new recipe... Applebee's Maple Blondie!
The Food Network magazine had the recipe in it a couple of months ago and I just got around to trying it out. Just as the Bang Bang Shrimp was wonderful, so was the blondie! It was not too sweet and as for a brownie it was not overly dense or uncooked in the middle. I have to say they hit it spot on!
I will be posting the recipe soon as well as my mistakes and improvisions :) (Is that even a word???)

Lesson learned: If having a rough day, bake something sweet then eat a HUGE hunk of it with your family!

(wait until the next post with the blondie will get to see the finished photo of the blondie covered in the maple caramel syrup and ice cream!)


My Little Space said...

ME too!!! hehe... I like sweet bakes but I normally reduce the sugar whenever I did any bakings. Have a nice weekend, Deanna!
Regards, Kristy

Mari's Cakes said...

This looks and sounds good. can't wait to see the finish product.


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