Monday, June 7, 2010

Paula Deen at the Durham Performing Arts Center

Saturday afternoon I went and saw Paula Deen's show at the DPAC. What a great speaker she is! She made the crowd laugh and laugh! Her husband Michael was there with her. They are too funny together! Paula actually announced that he is going to start a new career as a stand up comedian.

At the show she had a local chef/restaurant owner make her dishes for her. They made a cherry glazed fried pork chop recipe and a chocolate cobbler recipe, which she called out the recipe for. So, I whipped out my i phone and keyed it in as fast as my little fingers would allow me to. Needless to say...I got the recipe!!! I will be posting it in an Examiner article very soon!

Paula told us that her housekeeper stole all of her jewelry! How sad! Thankfully she never takes off her rings so she still had those. Her agent allowed her to borrow his watch for the show so she could keep up with the time.

Paula felt so bad about us having to wait 4 months to see her (since the original show was cancelled and then rescheduled) that she gave us 30 minutes extra of her time! What a sweet hearted lady!

Enjoy the pictures I got to take. I was so upset because on the DPAC website it specifically said, "NO CAMERA'S ALLOWED". So, I left mine home. Then, everyone started taking pictures!!!! I was so upset! I wanted to take my digital camera to get some close up shots, but thankfully I had my i phone and got a few pictures. I went into and tried to enhance them a bit to allow for better photos. I hope you can see them OK :/

I will post the link to my Examiner article about the show as soon as I get it published. I wanted to give you guys the heads up!


Anonymous said...

I saw Paula also at the DPAC center and was slightly disappointed in her show. I think most of us came to see Paula cook. Unfortunately, she read recipes off a card to a soux chef. Even this was disappointing, as she had to reread the recipes, I don't even think they were her recipes. She never helped with the recipes but instead spent the entire time chatting it up with the audience, promoting her new furniture line, her husband who wants a job as a stand up comic, and talking about herself. Yes, she is entertaining but I know that her audience came to see her cook, not promote herself! I and others I talked to were disappointed in the show.

Cookies and cakes said...

Yes, I am sure there were many who were disappointed :( Personally, I thought she would be doing the cooking also! I wonder if it went the way it was plannedd b/c she mentioned she only met him 2 hours before the show????
Anyway, for me it was still a good experience :)
Thank you for sharing your feelings with me :)

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