Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hand written recipes...found in the FREE book bin!

I shared with you my 1979, Woman's Day, Christmas magazine find but, I have one that is even better!

Last week, when I went to Stevens Book Shop to trade in my books, I was about to drive out of the parking lot to head home and a large bin of FREE books caught my eye. It was outside of the store. So, my son and I unbuckled our seat belts and went to take a look.

It was hot outside, so I did not spend too much time sifting. However, I did find a 1960 Kitchen Aid hand mixer book full of sweet recipes! I noticed that many of the pages were stuck together, but after carefully pulling a couple apart I knew it would be OK...they were not ripping at all. (The book is located in the bottom right corner of the picture above.)

We got back into the vehicle and drove home. After we got home, it was like Christmas in August! We even popped in a Christmas movie as I went through all of my new finds.

As we sipped on our Icee treats (from Burger King) and watched our movie, I found the find of finds sitting right inside of that 1960 Kitchen Aid hand mixer recipe book! I found 14 hand written cookie recipes on index cards that were sitting between the stuck pages!

That made me so happy! I plan to publish all of the scrumptious recipes very soon!

It is the simple things in life that can bring us such joy if we will allow them to :)
Here are some unique cookie recipes:

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