Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New blog!

Hello, friends! As you can see, I gave my blog a new look :) I like it! Fall is my favorite season, with winter following a CLOSE second.

In addition to the new look, if you look to the right, you will now see a list of recipe catagories! I am so excited about this! If you are looking for something specific, you now have two search options on my blog. You can go to the search box and type in what you are looking for (located to the left) or click on one of the catagories (to the right).

Have fun with the new layout! Poke around and see what you can find :)

Thank you for all of your support! If it was not for you guys who read my blog, I would not have a reason to make all of these fun changes to it :)

1 comment:

Kristie said...

Love the new look...gets me in the mood for the cooler weather (whenever it gets here in TX)! Keep up the good work! :)

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