Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Woman's Day magazine: what a find!

Fall is on the way! I am so excited!

Last week I got a hankering to trade in some of my old books (that I did not really care for) and a few of my sons old school books, for new cookbooks or cooking magazines!

I found so many treasures! We have a store called, Stevens Book Shop where you can trade in your books. I found an old Woman's Day Christmas magazine from 1979, in addition to other great finds I will tell you about later.

I find it enjoyable to go through old books and magazines to see the recipes and read the stories from back then. Mr. Rogers (remember him from the TV show, "Mr Rogers Neighborhood"?) wrote an article about Family at Christmas, in which I read to my son. It was 5 pages long for goodness sake! To my shock, my son sat for the entire thing! :)

You never know when you will stumble upon such a good find...keep your eyes open at all times!

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