Monday, September 27, 2010

Learn about self-canning

Hello! Sorry to have been gone for so long! I had a lot going on...from my sons Birthday party to family visiting from NJ.

I am going to share with you a link about self-canning today. It is that time of the year! We can buy up all kinds of fresh produce and can them to enjoy over the winter months.

Here is a link for the Top 50 websites for learning self-canning
The sites will teach you a variety of things from canning terms to the basics of home canning. Have fun with it!

Here are a few make your own recipes from me and some cooking and baking tips:

Strawberry banana freezer jam

Parmesan herb bread crumbs

Easy cheese bread recipe

Cooking and baking tips 2

Cooking and baking tips 1

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Mari said...

You give great tips! very useful info. Thanks for sharing it!

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