Friday, November 26, 2010

Too full from Thanksgiving!

I'm sure most of us are eating leftovers from our Thanksgiving meal yesterday! I know we have been today and it looks like we will be for the next day or so. Hey, I'm not complaining though :)

We had so many good things to eat! The new cranberry recipe I shared 2 days ago was a hit! It is definitely a keeper.
My Red Lobster cheese biscuits disappeared very quickly as did the stuffed eggs. I have to say that the pecan pies that I made may have been the best I have EVER made! Just as Marie from "Everybody Loves Raymond" says, I cooked with love :)

Of course there was also the after dinner football game outside and then the men sitting in front of the TV watching football after that... it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without football, right?

Black Friday shopping went well :) I slept a slim 1.5 hours last night and left the house at 2:10am this morning. I found everything on my array of lists and saved a lot of money :) I thought I would be able to stay awake all day on my measly 1.5 hours of sleep, but I was fooling myself! I came home and fell asleep for 3 hours, then I woke up and at leftovers and then fell back asleep for several more hours to wake up and eat again. I will have my exercise meeting with "Gilad" in the morning :)

That all being said, it has been a wonderful weekend so far :) Enjoy the pictures!


Kathy said...

I love your blog, Deanna. I swear I gain 5 lbs every time I come here. LOL Such great recipes and little tid bits thrown in to make it all interesting. Great job!!!

Alba's Exclusive Events said...

oh my goodness, I have been looking for a blog like this... ooh, love great

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