Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making pizza with my son

Today was one of those days and tonight one of those nights! As I wondered, "What to make for dinner that is quick, easy and everyone will enjoy", I sifted through the freezer and fridge for ideas. Then, it came to me... Chicken Parmesan Pizza!

I decided to ask my son if he would like to cook with me. We often bake together but I usually take care of cooking our meals. He thought it was a good idea so we got to work.

We had a great time together! He is quite the cook! He spread, cut, poured and sprinkled with such ease and talent!

He showered while the pizza baked and I threw together a sauteed spinach side dish.

It was a great time spent bonding in the kitchen and I do plan to invite him to help more often!
Here are a few other recipes you can make with your children:

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