Thursday, April 21, 2011

Club Mum...easy weeknight meal for children

I have written about this before, but Club Mum is a great place to go to find out new tips and information about children and the way they eat!

To get a recipe for Children's Pita Pizza, you can visit the site this week!

For more great recipes and time-saving tips from Moms who know what it's like, come stop by Club Mum, and discover a community of moms just like you, sharing their own top tricks. Club Mum's resident bloggers all contribute their own unique perspectives on raising kids and making sure they eat healthy and grow up right!

If you're a mom in the know, you can join Club Mum too, and pass on your own secrets and words of wisdom! Not only that, but you could enter to win rewards, just by contributing to the discussions: Just by commenting by “liking” something on the Club Mum site you could win up to $100 instantly! Or if you share your best mom secret in our “Topic of the Week”, you can enter to win a $250 American Express Gift Card! Check out the rules and more details at

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